From Where I Sit . .

O Lord of Redemption and Grace,

We meet you at the table each week thirsty and hungry. You replenish us as we eat the bread and drink of this cup representing your broken body and shed blood. We are reminded of your infinite love, constant companionship and the promise of eternal life.

Rejoicing in you brings us peace and hope for the new week. We are so very blessed o share this space with each other and worship together on this beautiful day.  We are your disciples and your children.

Help us carry this discipleship through the wilderness of Lent and into the fields where you remind us our work is never done. We use words and deeds that lift others up and plant seeds of love.

Let the Holy Spirit unsettle us and help us, Lord, see through your eyes and feel with your heart so we can ever be your blessed servants to all who are in need.

This cup is a covenant and a gift.

This church has been a blessing to so many for thirty years. We give ourselves to you, God, and have faith that we will have another thirty years of worship and service in your name at Gayton Road Christian Church.

Prayer at Table March 19, 2017 Gayton Road Christian Church Thirtieth Anniversary Celebration

(shared with permission of author)